Welcome to The 15 Minute Family Dog!

This is a blog about Ranger.

labrador retriever



He was added to my life about a year ago and I’m setting out on an experiment to see how much he can learn in 15 dedicated minutes a day.

Why? Three reasons:

1) Our family needs it! Some of his behaviors are annoying or unsafe, or make simple things like daily walks impractical.

2) I want to show other busy families that you can get great results from just a LITTLE bit of commitment! I have three school-aged kids and a baby; if I can do this, you can too!

3) I need a new demo dog for my professional side of life; I am a dog trainer specializing in family dogs! Sadly, my darling Collie, Lady (CGC, NAC, Therapy Dog), is getting up in years and Ranger is going to need to take up the torch soon.




To follow Ranger’s training journey from the beginning, start here with Ranger’s story.

Or just pick a category and browse around – I’m trying to separate out things like problem solving, family games, and individual training tips to make them easy to locate, although to some degree of course these may overlap.

I hope you enjoy!

Hands Full Dog Training


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