Treats of the Trade

Pet store aisles are filled with tiny packages of treats priced outrageously – yesterday I saw several priced at over ten dollars for just a few morsels that would last about five minutes.  In addition, many of these are preservative or dye laden, or high in junk calories with little nutritional value.

Training with treats as a reward does not need to break the bank or pack on puppy pounds, so here are just a couple of the preferred items that we use – the hidden secrets of treat training!

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The Training Toolbox for Kids & Dogs

Today the kids attended a neighbor’s super cute birthday party with a builder theme.

The party favors included this cheap (under a dollar!) and easy item that can be used as a treat holder for dry or semi-moist treats – the Home Depot canvas work apron.


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Leash Walking Manners – Getting Your Head on Straight

Horses are big and they weigh a lot.

Luckily, we have mystical contraptions for them that help us train and manage them.  See: The Halter. And guess what? There are halters for dogs, too! (We use the Gentle Leader.*)

These devices work through the magick of Physics, a strange parallel universe whose deities rain down gifts like moment arms and force vectors on us.

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