Ranger’s First Selfie


No Excuses

This one isn’t really about dog training.  Okay it kind of is, but kind of not.

The header pic says it all.  Take a look.  I obviously don’t have it all solved.  I have an ugly box of packaging stuff under my pretty desk.  I have kid toys on the floor.  There’s a DEER ANTLER on my floor.  There’s a sweater in the dog bowl. The baby is still in pajamas.

But, there is also a quiet, happy Labrador safely tethered close to the baby, but out of reach.  Together, but safe.

There are good solutions in the midst of sometimes-chaos.

I’m a human being with both successes and failures.  And that is normal.

What got me thinking was a little fuss I saw yesterday on a Facebook group that I’m a member of.  It’s a fitness group, and a couple of those NO EXCUSES “inspirational” pictures were posted.  You know, like this:

No Excuses
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Ranger Learns to Read

After a long training session yesterday, Ranger was worn out and didn’t feel like playing with the boy for very long. The kiddo was a bit sad. Luckily, with creativity, you can create win/win situations with kids and friendly dogs who are having introvert moments. I asked my son if he would like to read Ranger his reading lesson book, and it was just the right answer.

This is a great way to integrate canine and human family members that doesn’t require unwanted attention being pressed on an already tired dog. Look for solutions that meet everyone’s needs when possible, but of course safety always wins if push must come to shove.