I’m a professional dog trainer and full time mom of four in Wichita, Kansas. This is 5/8 of us. Updated pic soon!


3/4 cup of children, 1/2 cup of dog

Not pictured: my husband, the baby, and Ranger.

I hope this blog will provide a window into my own experiences of real life with dogs and kids. This experience is crucial to informing my specialty in coaching families, because until you have your hands full it’s easy to offer theoretical tips but hard to come up with real life answers. By doing the latter – in public, on the Internet (gulp!) – I hope to encourage others to solve their own dog+kid behavior puzzles, seeing them as challenges instead of frustrating dead ends.

My passion is helping families achieve harmony with their pets and this blog is dedicated to that cause!

My business will be opening in Spring of 2015 in Wichita, Kansas – here’s a link for a preview: Hands Full Dog Training