I finally got a couple of videos of Ranger’s Blanket behavior! Well, 8 or 10, but I only successfully juggled treat, clicker, phone, dog, and timing in three of them.

For comparison, this is how we started out – a lure from close to his bed toward it and down.

I then taught Ranger his release – “FREE!” – by telling him the cue, then clicking and treating after I coerced him up with smooches and body language. That was pretty simple and he will now jump up from the bed with just the cue. This is important so I can give him permission to leave the bed and re-set the behavior.

After dropping the food lure by the end of the first session, I worked to fade out the hand signal for the Blanket cue as well, which was pointing toward the bed. This was a helpful “bridge” cue at first, but I don’t want to have to point to the bed because I want to ask for the behavior out of sight eventually.

Then, I began to add distance and move around the room.

And after three (maybe four?) sessions, Ranger is now performing Blanket with me standing anywhere in the living room or sitting in the living room chairs (important if I am holding a sleeping baby!).

This video is in slow-mo because that is SUPER AWESOME especially since it seems like an alien is attacking him.

He’s also just starting to work on Blanket from out of sight of the bed. Here we are trying it out in the hallway.

What a good boy.


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