On the First Day of Christmas My Mommy Gave to Me…

A deer antler!!


What a great chew toy. This one won’t splinter like a cow hoof and will last longer than a rawhide or pig ear.

I’ve started using the antler as a reward when I have Ranger go to his bed outside of a formal training session.

He’ll gnaw on it for a bit and  then doze off to Labrador dreamland (I am sure it is full of Very Slow Ducks and a giant cuddle-human with a lap big enough for Ranger to actually fit in).

Then I sneak the antler away like the Grinch when he’s not looking so that I can reward him with it again later.  I know, I’m as charming as an eel.

Ranger is getting a few other surprises too – some even more fun, like a rotating wooden treat puzzle (ya rly) – so stay tuned to see how he likes them!


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