4th Down and Goal!

Ok, this is embarrassing.

I will be honest. I have done 4 roughly 15 minute sessions with Ranger working on his “Drop” (aka “Down”), and it is now gorgeous. He will fold-back from a Stand or drop down from a Sit immediately upon the word “Drop” (to replace his old, slow, crappy “Down” behavior [OSCDB]) or on a hand signal.

Why is this embarrassing? Because for the first three sessions, he just did NOT seem to be getting it and kept reverting to his OSCDB every flippin’ time I tried to work the food lure off to a hand signal or word.

So I didn’t take any video or pictures because I thought “wow nobody wants to see this awful frustrating behavior even though I know I am doing everything right”.

And then after all that patient repetition, he had the Doggy Flash of Insight. If you have worked with dogs, you know that little zippy zap in their eyes and then he just started THROWING new, beautiful, perfect “Drop” behaviors at me and I knew he had it. And our entire fourth session was JUST that. MAYBE half of one OSCDB.

But now it’s too late to show you all his OSCDBs and the magic result. And by magic I mean lots of patience, lots of freeze-dried liver, and holy HECK my entire hand covered in slobber for yet another hour of my life.

So here’s the lesson for today – don’t punt on fourth down! Keep working at it, and you just might score.

Here’s a bonus picture of Ranger lying in his favorite spot – as close to his humans as possible.

I lurve mai hoomins!!

I lurve mai hoomins!!


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