Halter Update, Session 3

Sorry for the super boring title. Just wanted to write a quick post to update on Ranger’s halter training. We had another couple of sessions working with the halter and took these steps:

  • Attached the leash to the halter
  • Applied gentle pressure on the halter and rewarded Ranger with treats
  • Walked Ranger around the living room with the halter on and rewarded him for head-up behavior

Here’s a quick treat-less look at how he reacts to the halter now, and how easy it is to put it on.

You can see his Grasshoppering behavior a little here; we’ll address that specifically soon, but right now it is automatically being worked on a little since Ranger has to be standing or sitting politely to get his click and treat for wearing the halter. You can see him sitting and settling himself to get the halter on after a few seconds. After we get through the halter placement, though, he is just a little overwhelmed by the possibility of a leash walk. Sorry buddy, not at 8pm in the dark in the snow in 20 degrees.

Ranger is still displaying a little bit of anxiety about the halter, but he is not terrified by any means, and has only attempted to paw it off a couple of times. That’s to be expected; it’s certainly not like wearing silk pajamas, but I think we are about ready to start real walks on it without having to worry about him scraping his face down the sidewalk in desperation.

So that’s our halter update, and we’ll be moving on to polite leash behavior soon. This is all foundation work for the harder stuff – we’ll be working him around other dogs and people soon, and he needs an idea of what is expected so he is not thrown into a situation in which he just “can’t even” right off the bat.


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