The Kitchen of Doom

Ranger has a thing against kitchens. Watch this terrible example of dog training as I try to coerce poor, innocent Ranger to enter into a kitchen that is probably inhabited by slavering dog-eating monsters:

Here’s a test – remember those stress signs we talked about? Try and count how many Ranger is displaying.

It’s not the floor – he will walk across the same floor in the dining room – it’s just The Kitchen. Of Doom.

The kitchen fear really isn’t a problem for us, but as an experiment and to help Ranger feel more comfortable in the house, I’m turning this issue into a mini case study. I’m going to put his food bowl 2 inches further into the kitchen every day to see if he can overcome his fear without any extra “work” on my part.

Here’s day 1 of the Kitchen Experiment:

Take a look at this body language while he is eating.

labrador eating

Scared Ranger

Poor Ranger! I am hoping he will feel more comfortable in time with the gradual desensitization to whatever he hates, plus the counterconditioning effected by the food. Refusing food would be a sign that he is over-stressed, so we will modify our protocol as needed to make sure he is at least confident enough to eat his dinner.

We’ve been working on some other training items too, but to keep things organized, I’ll cover them in another day’s post.

Only one more thing – what if Ranger knows something we don’t…?



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