10 Things I Hate About You, Continued

Yesterday we reviewed some of our most-disliked Ranger behaviors.

I’ve polled the family members one more time and an avalanche of complaints has ensued. Poor maligned Ranger!  But seriously, these are the kind of things that can add up over time and frustrate families into turning their dog outside permanently…

labrador retriever

Why don’t you love me any more?

…keeping him kenneled 22 hours a day, or re-homing him.

If only people knew there are good solutions than can keep their dog with the family and resolve these every day annoyances! We’ll get to those. First, the problems.

For the last five “Really Do You HAVE To Do That, Ranger?” behaviors:

6) He pees downstairs. Is Ranger house-trained? In theory, yes.  Does he remember this when he goes downstairs? Oh no.

7) He shakes his head and his AWFUL JINGLY JANGLY COLLAR TAGS WAKE THE BABY UP. If you have ever had a baby, you know this is a serious offense. If you haven’t, just picture going from this face:

sleeping baby

Happy baby

To this face:

sad baby crying

Sad baby

It is Very Sad.

8) Ranger has no leash manners, even without distractions. Part sled dog, part ping pong ball, 100% nuisance.

9) My attempt to get one more unwanted behavior from the kids, via the boy:

“He steps on my toes and pounces on me and licks me and steps on me and walks over me and I can see his penis.”

Ok, ok.  I get it.  He’s energetic.  He tromples the kids. Do we really have to get this graphic?

10) And last, the darn dog barks. He barks at the neighbors and at dogs walking down the street and at nothing and at his food and at morning and night and midday and bark bark bark.

So there it is. We’ll hone in more on our baseline measures and take some pictures or videos when we start to address these.

So what’s YOUR real life takeaway? If you want to start actually changing behaviors, you need to know what they are.  Not in your head, but on paper. So go ahead and have a gripe session about the dog – it’s cathartic and it will be the first step to finding answers.

This is about all the planning we can do in 15 minutes – I’m trying to prove this is possible even with a busy family, not spend hours a day on it – but tomorrow we are going to go back to doing some fun training games with Ranger!

We will also keep working on problem behaviors too, and touch on more specific baseline measures for behavior and how to prioritize your training.  “Where do we start?” is really not as difficult as you may think!


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