“Labradors are Common”

I quote myself, and I’m not ashamed of it. They ARE. And that’s why I, a dog trainer, have a dog that I haven’t trained more than 30 minutes total in my year and a half of being his dog-mommy.

Flipping through breed books as a kid, I was never really interested in yellow labs, the Ritz cracker of the dog world. Sure, they are buttery yellow and everyone likes them, but they just aren’t…special. There’s nothing thrilling about a Labrador. They are like minivans. Or carnations. They’re buying a Scream mask for Halloween.

I moved in with Ranger last year and deigned to pet him occasionally. I told myself that he was just a common dog. I didn’t invest myself in him, even though he did dumb things like run away and pull on the leash and bark BARK BARK and rest an impolite muzzle on the table at dinner.

But then I had my most recent baby and just…just look.

labrador and baby

This happened. And now I think I might love him just a little. Just a teeny tiny little. Just enough to admit it anonymously on the Internet.

I’ve decided that any dog who can be this gentle and sweet with the new screamy human puppy who takes all of mommy’s attention and cuddles really is worth it.

So I’m going to train him. 15 minutes a day, until he is perfect.

Or until the next season of House of Cards comes out on Netflix.

Okay, until he is perfect.

So – join me as I dedicate the next few months to changing behaviors and integrating the big yellow hairy goober into a family with 4 kids and a bonus dog, my mannerly senior Collie.

I will share successes, failures, lots of big slobbery nose pictures, tricks of the trade and sage wisdom learned through brilliantly managed chaos.

At least that is what I tell myself.

Let’s begin!


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